Our Remodeling Process

A design-build remodeling process designed around you

At Godfrey Design-Build, our primary goal is always to help you achieve the truest version of your vision. With our design-build process, we’ve made this easier than ever.

Throughout the entire process, we’re here to support your vision. We know that remodeling your home can be intimidating, and we’ll do all we can to make sure we set expectations, communicate clearly, and stick to our word.

Thinking about remodeling your home? The first step is always contacting us to get the process started. We’ll fill you in even more on our process and what to expect when investing in a home remodeling project.

Our Design-Build Remodeling Process

Initial Consultation and Process

  1. Contact us with your name, contact information, and some basic information on goals for your project.
  2. We’ll speak over the phone to get to know you and your property, goals, timeline, and budget.
  3. An initial on-site visit will be scheduled to further discuss your project, expectations, and budget range.
  4. We’ll complete a proposal detailing the particulars of your project and design for your approval and signature.

Design-Build Process Once Proposal is Signed and Approved

#1 Initial Meeting

Once you decide to take the next step, we’ll schedule an on-site meeting to get more familiar with your home. We will also review your wish list and must-haves as well as take photos and measurements.

#2 Conceptual Design

After the on-site meeting, our in-house designer will develop an initial design for your project. You’ll have a chance to view 3D renderings and submit revisions to perfect the design.

#3 Trade Partner Site Meetings

Once the design is approved, our trade specialists will view the space and identify any potential issues. This will lessen the possibility of unexpected problems once we enter the construction phase.

#4 Product Selections

We’ll then begin to work with you during the selection phase to find the materials, appliances and fixtures that will make your project special.

#5 Final Scope and Pricing

Once we determine materials and the final scope of the project, we’ll determine the final projected pricing. At this stage, we’ll order all products and materials and accept your deposit to get started on construction.

#6 Permitting and Special Orders

After the contract is finalized, we will apply for permits, order special-order products and line up our team of trusted trade partners.

#7 Construction

This is when we execute your vision. We handle all communication with subcontractors and specialists and make sure that everything goes smoothly. We’ll be in contact with you the entire time, ensuring you always have an outlet to raise concerns with us and be informed of the status of the project.

#8 Project Completion and Ongoing Communication

Once we’ve completed construction, we’ll do a final walk-through to ensure all items are completed. After this, our warranty will begin. We will stay in contact with you and are always available to address any problems that may arise after construction.

What We Do

Everything we do at Godfrey Design-Build is designed around creating a remodeling process that you actually enjoy. Whether that’s straightforward communication, an easy process, or projects that positively impact your life, we want you to have fun remodeling and love the final results.

When Godfrey Design-Build works on a design-build home remodeling project, we:

  • Manage the entire project from beginning to end
  • Work closely with you during every stage
  • Get to know you and your vision, timeline, and budget
  • Assemble a skilled team of experienced professionals and define each person’s role
  • Create schedules and set deadlines for each phase of your home remodel
  • Anticipate possible problems and solve them before they start
  • File for and obtain all necessary permits

Working with the talented team at Godfrey Design-Build is the best way to bring your vision to life.

At Godfrey Design-Build, we can help remodel…

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About Godfrey Design-Build

Pat Godfrey founded Godfrey Design-Build in 2015 to help homeowners throughout the North Shore area make their perfect home a reality.

By combining his extensive experience in construction and degree in economics, Pat is able to develop solutions to challenging problems, keep projects on track, and produce outstanding results that his clients love.

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