These days, we could all use a little more space. Whether due to a growing family, a new work situation, or just feeling a little crowded, breathing room has never been more important. 

Our favorite way to achieve this? Basement remodels, of course! Not only are basement remodels an incredibly efficient use of space and more cost effective than a home addition, they offer a wide variety of options to give your family room to breathe. 

What are some other benefits of basement remodels?

  • They add livable space and square footage, increasing your home’s resale value
  • No matter the condition of your basement, so long as it’s structurally sound we can create a fabulous space
  • They don’t always require the same permitting and intense construction as home additions 

Read on to learn some of our favorite ways to transform your basement into a brand new space for your family.

An inspiring home office

One of the best ways to improve your concentration and productivity when working from home is to create a dedicated home office built around your needs.

Unlike your workspace at your company or organization’s office, your home office will be built around your needs and work style. This could be a standing desk, a large bookshelf or filing cabinet, or built-ins to accommodate a printer or any other devices you need in your space.

Basements are in many ways the PERFECT place for a home office remodel given you’ll be separated from the rest of your family.

How can home offices add to your productivity?

  • They reduce distractions: Your home is filled with distractions. Having a space designed for work will reduce your exposure to them and will help you stay focused and inspire creativity.
  • Provide a space to get in the zone: If you’re like us, your office is a place you can get in the right mindset for work. Your kitchen table can never replicate this, but a personalized home office can! This also allows you to leave your work at the home office door when you join your family after a long day.
  • A place to keep everything you need: Hitting the ground running when you work is important. With a home office, everything can be kept intact for when you start and end your work day. No shuffling around monitors or computers!

A game or billiards room built for family fun

With activities outside of the house more difficult these days, a room dedicated to fun for the family has never been more necessary.

Basement billiards and entertainment rooms often include items like a pool table, foosball table, or other multiplayer games. They also often include a big TV and viewing area for movies or Pats or Celtics games.

The only requirement for these rooms is that you include things that your family will adore. There is no use in a game or billiards room that’s never used!

Some awesome items we recommend include: 

  • Pool table
  • Home bar
  • Fireplace, either gas or wood fired
  • Sofa, reading chair, or other comfy seating (bean bag chairs, anyone?)
  • Television, media streaming device, or video game consoles
  • Ping pong or foosball table

A cozy and private guest bedroom suite

A great addition to your home is a place to host guests without cramping the rest of your family’s style. 

Not only does this give the rest of your family space to breathe, it provides a much more relaxing and pleasant experience for your guests. It also provides a place for your teenagers to have sleepovers or to get a little break away from your family when things are getting a little hectic.

Some things to include in a guest suite:

  • Living space: You’ll always want to provide room for your guests to relax and unwind. While your guests will often spend lots of time in the main living areas of your home, providing a sofa, coffee table, and TV for a little R&R before big group activities goes a long way.
  • Kitchenette: While most major food preparation will be done in your home’s kitchen, a kitchenette provides a space for your guests to enjoy coffee, a snack, and any personal food items they may have brought to your home.
  • Bedroom: This doesn’t have to be extravagant. A full or queen bed, bedside table, and a simple dresser works perfectly. 
  • Bathroom: Full bathrooms are great for providing an area for your guests to shower in their own space.

While there are some requirements to ensure a safe guest suite, if these safety requirements are met a guest suite is a great way to utilize your basement space.

A safe children’s playspace

Are you tired of always having toys underfoot? Playrooms are a great option to keep your child’s playthings in one spot.

While a basement playroom is great for keeping a tidier home, it is also beneficial for your children. It will encourage independence and pride in their own space and also makes a safe place for them to have some fun with friends on playdates. Plus, a separate playroom demarcates playtime from bedtime, resulting in healthier sleep patterns for your children.

An invigorating home gym

There is no better way to get in shape and integrate working out into your lifestyle than with a custom home gym. With home gyms, you can cater your workout space to the machines and workouts you use. Plus, you won’t have to worry about unclean machines or waiting for the workouts you love most.

Basements are actually an ideal place to keep your home gym given their natural temperature-regulating properties. Unlike a spare upstairs bedroom, even in the heat of summer they will stay a little cooler. Plus basements have incredibly stable floors and have no living space beneath them, reducing noise for those family members not in the gym while you’re pumping iron.

See for yourself how a basement remodel can be life changing

If you’re on the edge of whether a basement remodel is right for you, get in touch! At Godfrey Design-Build, we’ll walk you through the benefits of basement remodels and different options for your North Shore home.