What is Design-Build? 

You may have heard the term for the first time recently as you began exploring your options for a home remodel. But what exactly is Design-Build? Design-Build is simply a specific way to deliver your project from start to finish. Let’s say you’re looking to completely renovate your kitchen. Under the Design-Build approach, both the design, whether created by an architect or an architectural designer, and the execution of the construction are contracted by one firm.


Final Product:

How is this different from using a traditional approach? 

In the past, the more “traditional” approach was to hire an architect and designer on one side to design and plan the space and then hire a contractor or subcontractors on the other side to complete the work. Under the Design-Build approach, you are engaging with one company that will handle all aspects of your remodel from beginning to end. This includes…

  • Concept and design
  • Planning
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling and managing trade partners
  • Selection and procurement of materials and products
  • Construction
  • Completion and beyond


Final Product:

Why choose Design-Build vs. a General Contractor?

In short, choosing Design-Build very likely reduces your risk and overall costs. With us, Godfrey Design-Build is your primary contact and the driving force behind your entire renovation, from your initial ideas to the completion of the work. We take on total accountability, which significantly reduces your time and work during the process.

If you choose Design-Build, you eliminate the need to:

  • Search for and vet an architect firm to draw up plans and specifications
  • Research and hire a general contractor to manage
  • Pull any permits, including obtaining historical commission approval, etc. 
  • Hire, schedule, and manage subcontractors for each individual discipline (i.e. electricians, plumbers, painters, structural engineers, etc.)
  • Ensure all parties are on the same page regarding the overall project, vision, timeline, and budget

By making sure everyone in the entire process has shared goals, it eliminates many challenges, setbacks, and delays. In short, using the Design-Build process is your best bet to ensure your project gets done on time and on budget.

How does Design-Build work?

The Design-Build process is very involved! Before the construction is able to begin, we ensure that every detail has been discussed, budgeted, and signed off on. We meet with all Trade Partners and vendors in advance to troubleshoot any potential issues (read: delays and unforeseen expenses!). 

Design-Build Roadmap

What are the benefits of using Design-Build?

Communication & Accountability

You will have one primary point of communication from start to finish (and beyond!), which also reduces any chances of miscommunication. We become the single source responsible for keeping track of every part of the project and managing everyone involved. This reduces the chance that any aspect is overlooked. 

Better Budgeting

We provide a more realistic and accurate budget up front, as the cost for every line item is discussed throughout the Design Phase. You will be able to understand how every design change affects the bottom line in real time.

Fewer Delays

More realistic and accurate timeline. Connecting with Trade Partners is done during the design, which proactively avoids many delays, as many potential challenges are uncovered before construction begins.

Quality Finished Product

We deliver the highest quality final product, as everyone is on the same page regarding the vision and project requirements throughout the entire process.

Realistic Vision and Budget

The Design-Build approach also helps homeowners develop a realistic vision of their home renovation and design choices well before the demo begins. We provide 3-D renderings of every inch of your remodel so you can truly gain a sense of how your new space will look and feel. As you adjust and make changes during the Design Phase, our in-house architectural designer will update these renderings, so you can feel completely confident and comfortable with every detail.

Additionally, any changes you make to your product selections are immediately adjusted within your budget, so you clearly understand the financial impact of any upgrades or changes you choose to make. This is all done before the final scope of the project is signed off on, so you can be confident we have minimized any surprises once construction begins. 

Rendering: Kitchen

Final Product: Kitchen

Basement Rendering:

Basement Final Product:

How do I choose Products and Finishes?

In case you haven’t noticed, there is no shortage of home design and decor products — in stores and online. Need a little help picking out products and finishes? Our in-house architectural designer can help you with every design decision throughout the process. This includes meeting on-site at tile shops, countertop showrooms, plumbing supply stores, etc., and providing insight into which products would work best in your space and with your budget. 

Have an eye for design? We welcome your vision and you always have the final say when picking out products, fits, and finishes! We are simply there to help you understand how your products may work (or not!) in the space and help you keep your product selections within your budget.

Managing Construction & Completion

One of the most stressful parts of any home renovation is keeping it on time and ensuring disruptions are minimal for you, the homeowner. At the start of construction, we will outline the entire schedule, as well as our protection and cleanup plan, and provide a central point of contact for the entire process. This project manager will keep you up to date on who will be in your home and what work will be done on any given day and manage all communication with our select group of Trade Partners. Every step is scheduled in advance and keeps our team working efficiently so that the job progresses with minimal delays or disruptions. 

As construction is completed, we will continue to communicate with you regularly about any outstanding issues in order to ensure the final product is completely ready for you and your family to enjoy. Upon completion, we will check in regularly during the first year post construction, and are available to answer any questions that may arise during the warranty period.

Interested in seeing how we can improve your space through Design-Build? Contact us today to learn more.