Here on the North Shore and in the rest of the Boston area, there are likely more historic homes than anywhere else in the country. But as we go further into the future, the number of older homes and houses with historical significance is slowly dwindling. Why is this?

  • Many historic homes are being torn down for safety reasons, as the home was never properly maintained or restored.
  • Homeowners tear down and rebuild due to wanting modern features typical of newly built homes.
  • Homeowners want to keep their historic homes, but don’t give much thought into preserving and remodeling them to ensure the very features that make them historic stay intact.

It doesn’t have to be this way. At Godfrey Design-Build, we work with homeowners to deliver historic home remodels that add value by adding modern features and accentuating their character.

What is a historic home remodel?

We consider a historic home remodel any home restoration that is over 50 years old, though we have had the honor of remodeling homes that are over 300 years old. We work with homes that have been recognized as historic by historical societies, but also with homes that don’t have such a designation (even if they are just as stunning).

Most historic home remodels are whole-home or multi-room restorations, but can also include updating different sections while ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your home. This includes rooms like kitchens, master bathrooms, or home offices/studies.

5 ways remodeling can add value to your historic home

1. Extra care and attention to historic details

If you’ve gone out of your way to buy a historic home or are currently living in one, we don’t have to tell you what makes historic homes so special. They have undeniable character that no amount of elite carpentry can replicate.

Whether it is special built-ins, fixtures, or original wood floors, it is important to take extra special care and attention to complement and accentuate these features. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen historic home remodels that have taken out these era-specific or just plain beautiful features.

2. Historical cohesion

Anything that’s added or adjusted in your home should fit seamlessly within the entirety of your home.

This is actually a problem with many remodels of all types — the work done just does not match the style, function, and layout of the rest of the home. While this is always a problem, with historic homes it is even starker.

Here on the North Shore, working with historical societies and doing research ensures a realistic and seamless remodel that turns out beautifully. We’ll always make sure that any restoration, remodel, or addition will look like it was there from day one and fits flawlessly within your home.

3. Tasteful integration of modern appliances and layouts

But just because you should be attempting to make your historic home seamless and historically accurate, it does not mean that you can’t have all the luxuries of modern living. In fact, with modern technology and experienced design-build remodelers, you can have the best of both worlds!

Many materials and fixtures are now made to pay homage and replicate the features of older homes. And modern and high-performance appliances can be tastefully added to your home without taking away its character or spirit.

Whether that is a farmhouse sink, a smart refrigerator, or a built in stereo-system, we can add features from today while still honoring the past and keeping what makes your home special intact.

4. Respect for the history and beautiful architecture of the North Shore

Part of remodeling a historic home is having respect for the North Shore and the architectural history of the area.

What does this mean? Any contractor you work with on your historic home remodel should first and foremost be based on the North Shore. Given the unique architecture and the delicacy of some of the restorations that will be performed, having a “like the back of their hand” knowledge of the history of the area goes a long way.

Additionally, a builder with knowledge of the area will recognize the parts of your historic home that should be restored and will give you advice to ensure a tasteful yet modern historic home remodel.

5. Experience with the techniques necessary to safely remodel historic homes

Historic homes require a more delicate approach to updating and remodeling than your average home. While features, appliances, and woodwork on most homes can be replaced easily, it is not so easy with a historic home. This makes it crucial to do things right the first time.

At Godfrey Design-Build, we have an experienced team of contractors, carpenters, and other historic home building specialists. We know the techniques and processes to make sure your historic home is well-preserved and livable for another 200 years.

Let’s work together to modernize your historic home

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home so it looks just like it did 200 years ago, or want to bring modern living to your space (or a little bit of both), we can help. 

When you work with Godfrey Design-Build on your historic home remodel, we 

  • Manage the entire project from initial concepts to completed construction
  • Get to know you and the history of your home to ensure we understand your vision, timeline, and budget
  • Work closely with you during every stage of the project to ensure we are meeting your vision
  • Assemble a skilled team of experienced historic home restoration professionals
  • Set schedules and deadlines for each stage of your historic home remodel
  • Anticipate potential problems and solve them before they become expensive mistakes
  • Obtain necessary permits and nail down the details before we begin

Contact us today to get started on your historic home renovation project.