Homes are what you make of them. One of the greatest things about owning a home is that you can turn it into the perfect space that aligns with your family’s preferences and interests.

One of the best ways to do this is by turning an extra room you have — be it an extra bedroom, a finished basement, or anywhere else in your home — into a specialized room. Keep reading to learn about 8 unconventional rooms that can transform your home.

1. TV room

Is there anything better than curling up with the family to watch the latest episode of a TV show the whole squad loves, or making some popcorn and watching a new movie on a Friday night?

While most homes and families can completely make do with a television in their living room, a TV room is an excellent addition to any home. The advantages are twofold:

  • With a TV room, you’re able to completely cater the room towards television viewing 
  • With the television in the TV room, you’re able to leave your primary living room more centered around relaxation, conversation, and design

Some great features in TV rooms include a large flatscreen TV (of course), black-out shades, comfortable seating, surround sound, and anything else that makes your room comfortable for you.

2. Library 

While it may seem a little old-fashioned in a world with Kindles, iPads, and mobile phones, libraries can add a quaint charm to your North Shore home. This is particularly true for book lovers and those in the sciences. 

Most libraries will of course include lots of books, but just as crucially they will feature built-in bookshelves, natural light, comfy seating, and a reliable desk. While most people think of libraries as a place for holding books, they should also be a good place to relax with a cup of coffee and read, or to get some work done or conduct research.

3. Game & billiards room

Always a popular option for families, game and billiards rooms can become the recreational beating heart of your home. Most billiards rooms feature large items like a pool or ping pong table, but many also include smaller tables with board games or chess.

We’ve found that many families also choose to place items like a TV, wet bar, and other comforts that make it a place of leisure and relaxation without having to leave the room. This is a great option for a finished basement, where space is plentiful and natural light is not as important.

4. Home bar 

This is one for the couples who love to entertain out there! Home bars are becoming more and more popular on the North Shore, and we’re not surprised given how much fun they can add to a home!

While all home bars are different, most feature a built-in bar with stools, a refrigerator, a sink, and shelving at the very least. Some fun additional features include a kegerator with a tap, televisions to watch the big game, and neon signs. Home bars are often combined with billiards rooms to make the ultimate in-home relaxation, but they are great all on their own as well! 

A fun outdoor twist on the home bar is the home tiki bar, which is perfect along with a pool for the summertime.

5. Hobby room 

Hobbies are a great way to take the pressure off of everyday life and get lost in something you love. Whether it is art, fly fishing, woodworking, candlemaking, or anything else that constantly has you excited, a dedicated room can be a great investment in your life and bring your hobby to the next level. 

The specifics of what your room should entail will depend on your hobby, but investing in equipment and features that will help you focus and enjoy your hobby is a must! Additionally, looking into decorations that are hobby-themed is a fun way to bring life and joy to the space. 

6. Home gym or yoga studio 

One of our most requested bonus rooms, home gyms are a great investment. Not only do they encourage a physically healthy lifestyle, but they can also help cut out the expenses of monthly gym memberships, and will cut down on the amount of time you commute to the gym. 

Every home gym will be different, but a durable floor made for home gyms, such as rubber flooring, is a great place to start. When possible, housing your home gym in a room with windows and plenty of space to not feel cramped is beneficial. As far as equipment, start by keeping tabs on the equipment you most use at your gym now. This will create a good base of equipment that you can then build on as your home gym develops.

Additionally, keep in mind that you can center the room around other workouts you love. We’ve seen many homeowners build yoga-specific studios in their homes or build a space that is perfect for barre! 

7. Music studio 

While a niche room for musically inclined families, a music studio is the perfect place for music lovers of any ability to practice and record music, even if it is just for fun.

Most home music studios feature soundproofing, microphones for recording, monitors for playback, and well-thought-out acoustics. They might also include stationery instruments such as drums and a piano, or advanced recording equipment such as a computer with a DAW or other music production software . Make sure to leave plenty of space for band practice and neighborhood jam night! 

8. Home office or homework room 

A popular one in recent years, home offices are an increasingly common way to fill a spare room in your home. As more businesses go to flexible work schedules, having a space in the comfort of your own home that can provide a quiet place to focus has become more than a want — it is a necessity.

Most home offices will include built-ins for storage and a well-made and functional desk. Since you’ll be working out of the space, make sure to keep your office in a room with plenty of natural light to keep productivity and spirits up.

A similar room that we’ve been seeing more and more families request is a homework room for their children. This provides a place for your children to focus on school work, stay organized, and keep the rest of your home free from clutter (at least to start!). 

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