To support our community while saying thank you to those risking their safety to save lives and keep us healthy, Godfrey Design-Build is purchasing gift cards from local restaurants and donating them to various institutions. 

We invite and challenge other local businesses to do the same!

We’re kicking this initiative off by purchasing $1000 in gift cards from Beverly’s Fibber McGee’s, Bonefish Harry’s, Early Harvest Diner, and A&B Burgers, and donating them to Beverly Hospital

Please join us by buying gift cards from your favorite local restaurants and donating them to your local hospitals or other medical facilities, police departments, and fire departments. You don’t have to do $1,000 — any amount would be gratefully appreciated.


How to Take Part

IMPORTANT: All gift certificates must be $25 or less per certificate (or they cannot legally be accepted by the recipients).

Below, we’ve provided the information for the four restaurants we purchased from. For information on other Chamber member restaurants click here, or you may support any other of your favorite local establishments.


Fibber McGee’s

Contact Craig Deorio at (978) 232-0180. Gift certificates may be purchased over the phone using a credit card and picked up at Fibber McGee’s, 104 Cabot Street, Beverly.


Bonefish Harry’s

Gift certificates may be purchased online at…/giftcards

*The online system cannot accept AMEX. If you would like to purchase gift cards using AMEX you may call or visit their Skinny Hank’s BBQ location at 45 Lewis Street, Lynn / 339-440-5685. Gift certificates work at both Bonefish Harry’s and Skinny Hank’s.


A&B Burger–b-burger

Cards will be mailed to the address provided. Or, you can call or visit A&B Burgers at 206 Cabot Street, Beverly / 978-993-7394 Fridays from 5pm-8pm.


Early Harvest Diner: 

Call 978-969-3126. Gift certificates may be purchased over the phone using a credit card and picked up at Early Harvest Diner, 950 Cummings Center, Suite 96X.

If you are a restaurant who would like to participate — please click here and share how to purchase gift cards from your restaurant!


If you purchase Virtual gift cards

  • You may have them sent to my email address and I will forward to Beverly Hospital
  • You may have them sent to your email address and I will then provide you with the appropriate Beverly Hospital email address
  • You may send to another institution of your choice (medical facility, police, stations, fire departments, etc.)

IMPORTANT: When donating to Beverly Hospital, please use the following link to inform them of your donation: CLICK HERE

If the gift cards are physical, they will make arrangements with you for drop-off or mailing.

Together we can keep our communities strong. Thank you to all who participate, and thank you to all of the amazing people out there who are taking care of others!