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Here on the North Shore, there is no shortage of beautiful older homes. From 18th century row houses to mid-century bungalows you can truly find it all in Beverly and beyond. While these homes have “good bones” and loads of character, they often don’t have many of the benefits of modern living, including open concept living areas, energy efficient appliances, luxury materials, and much more.

When modernizing an outdated home design, it’s crucial to set goals from the start to ensure the scope of the project is right for the home and right for you. For many, this means keeping the character of the home in tact, while for others it might mean adding space with a home addition and some exterior improvements. 

Godfrey Design-Build can help design and remodel your home to be all you want it to be. Our designers, architects, and construction professionals have worked for years in the area on modernizing outdated homes. Our entire team will be singularly focused on meeting your vision, exceeding your expectations, and making sure your home is all you’re hoping it will be.

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There are so many reasons to modernize your home!

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  • Comfort — New windows, modern insulation, and open layouts provide a more livable space
  • Inspiring design — Modern interior design and classic New England architecture are a match made in heaven
  • More space — Updated layouts and space-saving features and appliances can reveal space you didn’t know you had
  • Higher-performance — Modern materials and appliances perform better and are more durable 
  • Energy efficiency — Double pane windows, Energy Star appliances, and updated HVAC systems lower your energy bill

At Godfrey Design-Build, our team is the North Shore’s most trusted remodeler for outdated homes. Working together, we can:

  • Design a modern and open floor plan
  • Install high-performance appliances and features
  • Update windows and insulation
  • Add square feet to your home through a home addition 
  • Add bedrooms either through layout changes or a home addition
  • Update materials such as flooring and countertops
  • Modernize your kitchen, including cabinets, built-ins, and layout
  • Add the luxury features you desire
  • Anything else you can imagine

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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Our Design-Build Outdated Home Remodeling Process

Getting started on a home improvement project can be daunting. Besides the construction process, you have to interview subcontractors, manage the logistics and budgets, and juggle dozens of time-sensitive tasks at once.

Historically, if you wanted to undertake a home remodel, this was your responsibility, inevitably leading to cost overruns and delayed projects.

But not anymore. At Godfrey Design-Build, we do things differently. 

Our team manages the day-to-day of your project from start to finish. Our experienced team will be squarely focused on achieving your goals without any delays, confusion, or finger-pointing. Throughout the entire process, we communicate openly with you and ensure your happiness with how your project is progressing. At the end, you’ll be left with a home that meets your vision and is finished on time and on budget.

That’s design-build remodeling.

What You Can Expect

We’ve created our design-build remodeling process so that you can actually enjoy remodeling your home as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by it.

When Godfrey Design-Build works on a design-build remodeling project, our team:

  1. Manages the entire project from beginning to end
  2. Collaborates with you during every stage of design and construction
  3. Develops an understanding of your vision, timeline, and budget
  4. Assembles a skilled team of experienced tradespeople, each with their own clear responsibilities
  5. Schedules work and sticks to deadlines for every phase of your project
  6. Sees possible problems in advance and creates creative solutions
  7. Obtains all necessary permits

Working with the talented team at Godfrey Design-Build is the best way to bring your vision to life.

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“Working with Pat at Godfrey Design-Build was great throughout the entire process — from planning to construction. He was incredibly professional and patient during the design stage, ensuring we were 110% happy with the plans. We absolutely love the look and quality of our three-season room, and would recommend working with Pat to our friends.”

– Kristine B.

About Godfrey Design-Build

Pat Godfrey founded Godfrey Design-Build to help homeowners on the North Shore achieve homes they love. One of Pat’s specialties is updating outdated homes in the North Shore, with an eye towards maintaining the character of the area’s historic homes.

Pat combines his economics degree with his extensive experience working in the construction industry to create a unique approach to home improvement. He knows how to develop custom solutions to difficult challenges, keep projects on schedule and on budget, and deliver incredible results built to last.

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