For many New England homeowners, adding or upgrading a bathroom can feel like a challenge. Many homes in our area were built decades (if not centuries!) earlier. These homes often have fewer bathrooms or smaller footprints.

Many original New England homes only had one full bathroom with a typical bathtub and shower combination. While a bathtub is a must for families with small children, many multigenerational families, or homeowners aging-in-place, may prefer a walk-in shower, as it can be a safer option for seniors. Growing families may also want to improve their homes’ value (and their privacy!) by creating a true primary suite with the addition of a primary bathroom.

Finally, the location and configuration of a current bathroom may not always be ideal (see: bathroom attached to a kitchen). However, it can often seem difficult to envision how a current bathroom can be reconfigured or how the existing home’s footprint could be adjusted to move a current bathroom or accommodate an additional bath. 

Here at Godfrey Design-Build, we recently helped several homeowners who were either unsure how to face the challenge of reconfiguring a current bathroom or needed help adjusting their current layout to accommodate additional bathrooms. These clients were able to vastly upgrade their homes while implementing better design, function, and use of space. 

“Stealing” from a Linen Closet in Salem

We recently helped a client in Salem upgrade the lone full bathroom in his 1,600 sq/ft home, whichwas built over a century ago — in 1915. The original bathroom was small and cramped with — you guessed it — a bathtub and shower combination. The homeowner mentioned he would love to find a way to include a walk-in shower in addition to a separate tub, but was unsure how his current space could accommodate it.

The Godfrey Design-Build team had a surprising suggestion — the homeowner could use the adjacent linen closet to accommodate a walk in shower. He was all for it and was ecstatic that he would now be able to have a full four piece bathroom in his home. 


The upgraded bathroom is clean, bright, and most importantly, functional. It feels spacious and light, all while fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the century-old home. 


An Upgraded Layout in Beverly

This busy family of 5 in Beverly had plenty of square footage in their home — over 3,500 sq/ft.However, the layout of the home wasn’t working well for this family of three little ones. The primary suite was located on the first floor, and the lone full bathroom on the second floor was quirky — it included two separate spaces with toilet and vanity, with a shower in between. It was almost as if it was a “Jack and Jill bathroom and a half.” It took up too much space and wasn’t functional for their children or visiting guests. 

This homeowner was hopeful Godfrey Design-Build could help fix their problem. Their wish was to add a primary suite, including an additional bathroom to the second floor, and reconfigure the other full bathroom to better fit their family’s needs. 

The GDB team created three amazing new bathroom spaces inside the home. Adding a dormer to the front of the house helped upgrade a bonus room into a primary suite, including a large and stunning primary bath. The larger existing bathroom was divided into two newer spaces — a true Jack and Jill bathroom between their sons’ two bedrooms and a hallway bathroom for their daughter and guests. 

The resulting new bathrooms are all showstoppers! They are functional, boast gorgeous design, and have vastly improved the layout of an already beautiful home. All three showcase clean lines and amazing craftsmanship.

Godfrey Design-Build helped guide the homeowners to create three distinct spaces while making sure they also complement each other. Each bathroom has its own style, yet all have touches of matte black and chrome finishes, keeping the design cohesive in a beautifully subtle way.


Before: Upstairs bathroom                                     After: Jack and Jill



After Primary Bath: 



Rendering: Hallway bathroom                                 After: Hallway bathroom



How did we create the space for the new primary bathroom?

The addition of a second-floor dormer made way for the expanded primary bedroom and bath. Just another time Godfrey Design-Build was able to find a creative way to expand square footage without having to expand the home’s footprint:


Exterior Before Photo (without dormer):                 After Photo (with dormer):


Rendering (with dormer):


Layout Upgrade in Wakefield

Some older bathrooms are simply not functional. Take our clients in Wakefield. The upstairs full bathroom in their 1880s home simply did notwork for their family of four. The lone sink was small and outdated, and the only shower was affixed to a clawfoot tub. Storage was almost nonexistent! This family wanted to add style, as well as function.

The end product was a beautiful remodeled main bathroom that feels spacious and modern. The whimsical wallpaper provides an element of fun and the custom built-ins provide great storage for the family. The bathroom is both beautiful and updated, but still blends perfectly with the rest of the home. 


Before Photo:                                                                     After Photo:



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