Few designs compare to the welcoming aesthetic and down-home charm provided by a classic farmhouse style. Though this design approach is rooted in the past, there are many unique ideas for reinventing this remodeling style to fit your modern-day needs and making it your own.

Let’s start with the basics

Before we jump into our ideas for creating the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen, let’s review the basics of this popular style.

What is a farmhouse kitchen style?

A classic farmhouse style is known for evoking feelings of warmth and coziness. It has a classic, delicate vibe without being overly fussy or unapproachable.

Farmhouse kitchens are often compared to country kitchens. However, country style tends to be a bit more kitschy, while farmhouse homes are more charming and sophisticated.

Most of all, farmhouse kitchen styles are all about comfort.


Common farmhouse kitchen materials & colors
A farmhouse kitchen typically features a combination of various materials, including:

  • Natural and reclaimed wood
  • Marble and soapstone
  • Wire and glass
  • Wrought iron

In addition to these materials, most farmhouse kitchens also use a few common colors and textures, such as…

  • Cool neutrals like white, cream, beige and grey
  • Warmer colors are often used for accent pieces
  • Cotton, canvas, wool, and chenille

Remember, a farmhouse kitchen is rooted in comfort, so every element is meant to be inviting. In order to be truly relaxing, your farmhouse kitchen should contain some (if not all) of the materials, colors, and textures listed above. Overclustering your design is never a good idea.

How to turn your kitchen into a farmhouse oasis

Depending on the condition and design of your current space, the best way to transform your kitchen into a farmhouse style space is a full kitchen remodel. Taking a design-build approach to your remodel is the most cost-effective and efficient method and will ensure the best results.

If you’re not quite ready for a full remodel, you can start small by adding farmhouse style elements and decorations.

Design element Ideas for your modern farmhouse kitchen

Ready to get inspired for your farmhouse kitchen redesign? Keep reading for our top ideas to transform your space into a farmhouse kitchen; a space that can be anything from a wonderful gathering place for friends and family to a solitary cook’s haven.

1. Brighten your space with white cabinets and humble hardware

Installing new cabinets or repainting them to white, creme, or even beige color will instantly give your kitchen the bright feeling of a farmhouse kitchen. Many homeowners choose to use milk paint, a non-toxic and waterproof paint which produces a unique type of finish that looks great in farmhouse kitchens.

We often also recommend using non-flashy cabinetry hardware. We like brushed or antique hardware finishes since they evoke the inviting, non intimidating feeling of a farmhouse kitchen.

2. Add some class with wood, marble, or soapstone countertops

All three of these are great countertop materials and look perfect in a farmhouse style kitchen. However wood countertops, also called butcher block countertops, are often the favorite choice.
Wood is an important material in farmhouse style kitchens, so butcher block countertop are a natural choice. Plus, it’s low-maintenance, inexpensive, and incredibly convenient.

3. Everyone loves a farmhouse sink

In the last decade, farmhouse sinks have been popping up in almost every style of kitchen. Sometimes called an “apron sink”, this versatile style looks amazing and is both wide and deep, making it incredibly functional.

Not only can a farmhouse sink hold a lot of dishes at one time, it’s size and depth makes meal-time clean up easy and splashless. No wonder it’s so popular!

4. Try open shelving or glass front cabinets

Adding open shelving, an exposed plate rack, or glass-front cabinetry is a modern way to bring some farmhouse style into your kitchen.

This style shows off your favorite dishes and kitchenware accents. We especially love this idea when it’s featuring a beautiful set of white dishes. There’s a minimalist and sophisticated feeling to this style while still being incredibly functional and approachable.

5. Add classic hardwood flooring and exposed beams

A wood floor is a must for any farmhouse kitchen – it just wouldn’t look the same or acheive the same welcoming old-farmhouse feeling with tile or marble. The type of wood you use though – whether its reclaimed, barn board, vintage, oak, or walnut – is up to you!

Exposed ceiling beams is another foundational style element that adds a great farmhouse feeling to your home. If you have beams in your ceiling, don’t cover them up!

6. An island and large kitchen table bring a sense of community

If you have the room in your kitchen for an island, we highly recommend this feature. Though not strictly a farmhouse style element, an island is a great way to encourage that farmhouse feeling of community and warmth in your kitchen.

To make your island feel truly farmhouse, choose a free-standing style – a table or buffet that stands on four legs and provides a classic vintage feeling.

Another important feature of a true farmhouse kitchen is a large, banquet-style kitchen table. This type of table is usually rectangular and made of wood, seating up to 8 people. A big table is a great focal point for your kitchen and makes your space incredibly welcoming.

7. Bring it all together with the right decorations

While the large kitchen design elements will be the foundation of your style, what will really transform the space into the perfect farmhouse setting is the smaller decorations you incorporate.

Here are some of our favorite farmhouse kitchen decoration ideas:

  • Mason jars and glass canisters
  • Vintage accents (wire baskets, old teacups, vintage stools and chairs)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Pot rack
  • White dishes
  • Wood utensils
  • Apron storage rack
  • China hutch
  • Butcher blocks
  • Linen or cotton dishcloths

Remember, avoid over cluttering with too many decorations. Additionally, to keep with the farmhouse theme, ensure the items you include in your space are functional and tangible. Most importantly, remember that this is the opportunity to add your own personality into your space.

Ready to have the farmhouse kitchen you’ve always wanted?

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