A luxury kitchen is where form and function combine to create a central hub for you and your family. In your kitchen, you’ll meet, eat, and spend time together as a family. You want to make sure it’s a room that’s equal parts comfortable and useful. But what features do you need when remodeling your kitchen to make it right for your family?

There are many different features you can install into your luxury kitchen to make it the perfect space. Below, we’ll go over our favorite features our clients love in their luxury kitchen remodels.

Luxury kitchen layout

The first and most important thing when designing the perfect luxury kitchen, is deciding on the general layout of the kitchen. This will be the canvas that the rest of your kitchen is designed on.

While kitchens used to be solely used for cooking, they now are viewed differently within the context of the layout of your home. Kitchens are a place for you and your family to congregate, and act as a central meeting place for your home. Not only will you be cooking here, but you may also want to eat and entertain.

With all these new activities, you need a lot of space. The top way to increase space and leverage the rest of the features in your luxury kitchen? An open floor plan.

Open floor plan for luxury kitchens
Open floor plan kitchens make use of open space to bring your family together. Generally, kitchens with open floor plans will include enough space for a dining table and kitchen island. They work particularly well for homeowners looking to increase the space in their home without a home addition, as open plan kitchens are an incredibly efficient use of space.

Advantages of an open floor plan:

  • More time for socializing: If you’re cooking or cleaning you can still interact with others
  • Looks great: When you remove walls and have more open space natural light will flow through your home
  • Keep an eye on your kids: Generally, open kitchens allow for a better view of living areas, meaning you can view your kids as they play or do homework while you cook dinner or clean
  • Entertain: Open floor plans offer a natural place for entertaining guests and hosting social events

Luxury kitchen features

Multipurpose kitchen islands
Kitchen islands are a great way to introduce more appliances and seating into your luxury kitchen. They come in sizes of all types, and can be as simple or advanced as you want. While previously islands only housed extra countertop, seating, and storage, you can now install different appliances and features. This can help make your kitchen more custom – and functional.

Some items you can install into your kitchen island:

  • Bar seating
  • An additional sink
  • Oven
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Extra cabinets

Exotic countertops
While the old standards such as tile and granite are still great options for a kitchen remodel, there are now more options than ever. Some unique countertop materials….

  • Marble
  • Exotic finished wood
  • Quartz
  • Concrete
  • Stainless steel

These new materials can add a layer of visual texture and elegance to your home. You can even use two different countertop materials for your primary countertop and island, creating a stunning visual and a whole new look for your kitchen.

Pot filler faucet
Ask any serious home chef for a sneaky great feature for a luxury kitchen and many will say the same thing: a pot filler faucet.

Found in many high-end kitchens, pot filler faucets are cold-water swinging faucets placed above your stove top. These are useful, as you’ll be able to fill up pots right on your stove, avoiding the taxing and at times unsafe journey across your kitchen with a pot filled with water.

In addition to being hyper-functional and useful, they also look great and bring an air of professional kitchen to your space. Once you have one, you’ll never go back.

Hidden appliances
Having a range of appliances to offer different cooking and preparation options in your day-to-day life can be great. Unfortunately, lots of appliances on your countertop or anywhere else in your kitchen will create clutter and may make your kitchen feel chaotic.

To combat this, an experienced remodeler can create spaces in you in cabinets to hide your appliances. Specific, custom spots can be cut to fit exact appliances. Electric can even be run to these spaces so you’ll never see wires.

Some great appliances and spaces to have hidden include:

  • Coffee machine and bar
  • Microwave
  • Instant hot water
  • Spice cabinet
  • Mixer
  • Toaster

Farmhouse sinks
Farmhouse sinks are an undeniable way to bring modern country charm to any kitchen, and are a useful and practical sink style to match any countertop upgrades you choose.

Farmhouse sinks are large sinks that at times have an exposed front edge. These sinks were generally used back in the olden days due to their ease of installation and versatility. Today, farm sinks are used more for their aesthetic appeal. Of course, the still retain their versatility and usefulness, even if it’s not installed in a real farmhouse.

With farmhouse sinks, the faucet is generally not a part of the sink fixture, allowing for many different sink and faucet combinations.

Built in fridge
A top luxury kitchen appliance, built-in refrigerators are a great option when remodeling your kitchen. Build-in fridges offer a seamless look and a clean design that can fit right in (both aesthetically and literally) with your cabinetry and countertops.

While built-in refrigerators look great, they will almost always have to be installed by a experienced home remodeler to ensure the fridge fits the space cut for it and it’s cohesive aesthetically with the rest of your kitchen.

Radiant heated floors
An energy-efficient, cozy, and just straight up cool (though not literally) flooring option for your luxury kitchen remodel are heated floors.

Generally installed under bamboo floors given their ability to withstand dry-heat (unlike some hardwoods), radiant floor heating heats your space form the ground up. This is safer, as it doesn’t push around dust, dirt, and pollen. It is also more energy efficient, leveraging the natural flow of heat.

Bamboo floors also offer a beautiful look that is both unique and durable! Bamboo flooring…

  • Can handle wild fluctuations in humidity
  • Creates a unique, beautiful aesthetic
  • Is a renewable resource
  • Can safely resist moisture, making it perfect for spill-laden kitchens

The right lighting
The right lighting in any impeccably designed room will bring the space together and uplift anyone in it. In addition to having plenty of windows and space for natural light to make its way across the room, make sure to install nice lighting fixtures in key places.

A great place to install lighting is underneath cabinets. This will add subtle, soft light to your kitchen and provide necessary visibility when preparing food.

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