Given the North Shore’s history and the stunning architecture that’s in the area, it is no wonder that farmhouse kitchens are making a big comeback in the eyes and minds of homeowners.

Farmhouse kitchens celebrate the joy of not only cooking and preparing food, but of the idea of the kitchen as a gathering area of your home. This harkens back to the days of yore when the kitchen was the most important room in the house. 

Design and appliance-wise, farmhouse kitchens lean towards a more rustic design that features natural materials, understated interior design, and space. These kitchens are meant to be used — meaning that they usually have large tables, bar seating, and plenty of space for entertaining and spending time with loved ones. 

Continue reading to learn about our favorite farmhouse kitchen features and elements to create the perfect farmhouse kitchen for your home.

Open floor plans

One of the most important parts of any farmhouse style kitchen is space. In a kitchen, the best way to create space is through an open floor plan. 

Generally, open floor plan kitchen remodels integrate space from another room or an addition to provide the needed square feet. This extra space is used to not only make way for other appliances and features like kitchen islands, but also to provide natural light and allow the room to breathe. 

For this reason, open concept kitchens are also the perfect companion for families who love to entertain and see the kitchen as the beating heart of their home.

Farmhouse sinks

Back in the day, large sinks were common in kitchens for one reason — their versatility! Whether it was to prepare fresh food, wash clothes, or really any other use you can imagine, large sinks were needed for day-to-day life.

Today, farmhouse sinks are a lot more practical for modern lifestyles. They are also more attractive due to the stunning materials used by many sink manufacturers. What hasn’t changed is their versatility. Ask any homeowner with a large farmhouse sink and they’ll all say the same thing — “now that we have one, we couldn’t live without it!”

Wood (reclaimed if possible)

Natural materials are one of the core tenants of farmhouse kitchens. The most important material of all when considering your farmhouse kitchen’s design is likely the one you’re most familiar with — good old fashioned wood!

Wood is used in many places in farmhouse kitchens, some you might already be using and others that might be a bit more eccentric. While you’re likely used to wood cabinets and floors, some fun ways that homeowners use wood include exposed beams, wood countertops, and as brace supports in a kitchen island.

While not always possible due to sourcing or cost considerations, one fun way to incorporate wood into your farmhouse kitchen is with reclaimed wood. This ups the “rustic” level of the kitchen and adds to the unique character of your kitchen and home.

Metal light fixtures and accents

Along the same lines as wood, using metal materials will provide a rustic and unique element to your kitchen.

One of our favorite raw metal design elements is a classic copper light fixture. This adds a splash of grandeur while still keeping things rooted and down to earth. Copper, and other metal fixtures, also add an unmatched level of aesthetic depth when mixed with reclaimed wood and the natural light provided by your open concept kitchen.

Creative cabinetry

Cabinets are generally top-of-mind when it comes to kitchen remodels. This is no different when it comes to farmhouse kitchens.

Cabinets in farmhouse kitchens can go a couple different directions depending on your aesthetic preferences. Some common options include either white, navy blue, or wood-treated cabinets. If you want to add a bit of character, glass front cabinets are rising in popularity. Another popular option for those of us who love our dishware are open cabinets or shelves, which integrate the utilitarian design concepts that are so common in farmhouse kitchens.

Long tables and a plethora of seating

If farmhouse kitchens are all about getting everybody together to enjoy each other’s company, make sure you have somewhere for everyone to sit when they get there.

We always recommend that homeowners invest in a long, large wooden table to offer seating and add to the aesthetics of their farmhouse kitchen. Simple, elegant tables can be dressed up or down depending on the event, and are very utilitarian in that they can fit lots of people for events like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Additionally, adding bar seating is great when entertaining, but also for your family’s daily use throughout the day when they don’t want to set a table or someone just wants to eat by themselves.

Keeping it modern

Just because you are designing your kitchen in reference to the olden days, it doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the modern kitchen features that we all know and love. 

Modern appliances are made to fit in with the farmhouse kitchens trend. And appliance drawers in your kitchens allow you to still have modern conveniences like microwaves and toaster ovens. Even sound systems and televisions can be built into your kitchen to add these luxuries while still retaining your desired design aesthetic. 

At Godfrey Design-Build, we’ll help you integrate all of these features and more to provide a modern farmhouse that will be reminiscent of the past while making you think you’re living in the future.

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