Everybody can use more spa days! What if you could have the total relaxation and health benefits of going to a spa right in your own home?

In this post, we’ll detail how you can make your home’s bathroom into your own personal spa! We’ll take a look at some features you can center the design of your bathroom around and the amenities that will make it the perfect place to unwind.



Open design

Having an open design is the first key to turning your bathroom into a personal spa. An open bathroom allows you to feel at ease while in your own personal spa. It will help you truly relax!

While opening up the bathroom may not always be possible, there are some way to create space, such as:

  • “Borrowing” space from other rooms
  • Reconfiguring the layout
  • Adding and removing features
  • Creative storage
  • Natural light
  • Creating the illusion of space with mirrors

Luxury features

Once you’ve opened up your bathroom, the next step in creating your own personal spa is choosing the luxury bathroom features you’d like to fill your space with. While you’ll never be able to have everything, selecting a few key features to design your space around will give you direction and a centerpiece for the space.



Luxury bathtubs

When many think of a personal spa, a singular image comes to mind: luxury bathtubs. We agree! Luxury bathtubs are a great way to experience deep relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

At Godfrey Design-Build, we think there are many different types of bathtubs that work great in personal spas. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite.

  • Oversized bathtubs: Garden-style and Japanese soaking tubs both offer enough space for your whole body, allowing for a deep submersion that no other tub can offer. Many even offer enough space for both you and your partner! While this will only be an option for those with large spaces, they are a great option for those who truly love to soak!
  • Clawfoot tubs: A classic option, clawfoot tubs offer a traditional look that’s been a favorite for generations! Often made from cast iron, these tubs are durable and can also be used as a shower, making them realistic for medium-sized spaces that aren’t big enough for both a shower and a tub.
  • Spa-jet tub: Massaging jets make these tubs a favorite for personal spas. Jets are generally built directly into the tub and offer many health benefits, including being great for sore and aching muscles!

Luxury shower features

While many people want a bathtub in their personal spa, not everyone considers themselves a “bath person.” Luckily there are a number of great luxury shower options available, offering the same spa-like features in shower form.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Curbless showers: These showers sit flush with bathroom floor, allowing for a clean look and safe bathroom. They look great with tile and are super easy to clean.
  • Two-person showers: These showers are designed to be large enough for 2 people. Most generally also include 2 shower heads for both occupants. Not only is this convenient if you and your partner are both getting ready at the same time every morning, it’s extremely luxurious when there is only 1 person using it.
  • Body sprays: These wall-mounted body jets are high-pressured and give a therapeutic and cleansing effect. In addition to cleaning, they’ll help your sore muscles!
  • Rain shower head: These ceiling-mounted shower heads are meant to replicate rainwater ranging from a light drizzle to a torrential downpour. While they use a lot of water, they offer a truly zen experience!



Earthy and calming colors

Calming colors, accents, and tones in your bathroom create a relaxing environment for you to unwind. Earth-tones such as green, gray, and brown give your bathroom a serene feeling through replication of organic feel. This includes wood-grain, which in itself adds a nice accent tone and chill vibe.

Do earthy tones not fit your personality? Other neutral and light tones will work, too. Try beige, light gray, egg-shell white, or pale green for a similar effect.


Good lighting

Good lighting is key for any room, but is particularly important in a space designed for your total relaxation.

There are lots of options that can work for any bathroom, but the primary feature we recommend when it comes to lighting in spa bathrooms is installing a light-dimming mechanism.

The right lighting in the evening when you are trying to relax will be soft, romantic lighting. In the morning however, you may need more traditional lighting while getting ready for work. With a dimmer you’ll be able to dial-in the exact amount of light needed for the mood and function you’re looking for.



Don’t forget candles

Another great way to set the mood in your spa-like bathroom is through scented candles. These offer a relaxing atmosphere with the help of aromatherapy.

If you want scents without having to light a candle, oil diffusers also work great for creating a relaxing spa-like aroma!



Plants can help create a welcoming environment that’s key when creating a personal spa. They also provide an excellent decorative element that is literally “alive”.

This furthers the the aesthetic of organic material we mentioned before, and will accent the natural and neutral colors you’ve implemented in your bathroom spa. They’re even shown to help with relaxation and make the air cleaner!



Nothing destroys a relaxing environment quite like a cluttered space! For a lot of people though, clutter develops not because they are messy, but because there is not adequate storage.

Creating storage space for all of the items in your bathroom will declutter your space and allow you to relax while in your personal spa. Great storage options include:

  • Wicker baskets
  • Vanities with built-in storage
  • Tasteful trays with storage containers on top

The possibilities are endless!



Luxury towels, bath mats, and bathing accessories

Part of the spa-like experience is comfort, and one of the most important ways to add comfort to your bathroom is through adding soft towels and rugs.

We suggest investing in a set of large, high quality towels. We always suggest white towels (they look the best!). A way to bring this to even the next level of luxury? Add a towel warmer, allowing you to wrap yourself in a warm towel after every shower or bath.

Also, don’t forget a plush bath mat to stand on after bathing as well. These have a tendency to get worn quickly, so investing in new ones when you notice them starting to wear is a good idea.

Other luxury items to round out your bathing experience include:

  • Bath brush
  • Bath salts
  • Tub tray
  • High-quality shampoo and soap
  • Post-bathing lotions



The cherry on top to your luxury spa experience? Add a Sonos or other smart voice-controlled speaker system to add some relaxing, soothing music to your spa experience.

For some, this could mean ambient noise or a rainforest soundtrack. For others, a favorite album or podcast.

No matter what you love, a smart speaker allows you to fill the room with music hands-free, which is particularly important when you’re wet from your bath or shower.


Design a personal spa you’ll look forward to coming home to every day

At Godfrey Design-Build, we can help you design the spa of your dreams. Our luxury bathroom remodeling specialists can help you design a space you’ll look forward to every day.

Contact us to see how we can help you transform your home’s bathroom!