No room in your home has greater importance to your health and well-being than your bathroom. It’s a place to relax, unwind, and de-stress.

When we work with North Shore residents on their bathroom remodels, we’re often asked about different luxurious bath and shower features available. In this month’s post, we’ve included some choice features that we’ve installed and seen in homes in the North Shore.

All of the features highlighted offer beautiful aesthetics to go along with useful functions that’ll enhance the spa-like atmosphere of your bathroom.

Luxury Showers

Curbless Showers
Curbless showers are simply showers that sit at the same level as the bathroom floor.

Don’t worry! Despite no barrier between the bathroom and shower floor, a slight slant will lead all water to a drain in the shower and not pool on your bathroom floor.

Curbless showers look great with tile floors and add a classy bit of elegance and simplicity to any bathroom. They are also great for all ages due to ease of entry. Additionally, they’re extremely easy to clean!

Shower for Two
While most people are accustomed to a shower built for one, a recent shower feature we’ve seen are showers large enough for two people.

Generally, these showers will be walk-in showers and include 2 luxury shower heads so both occupants can have their own dedicated water source. Not only is this convenient for couples needing to get ready at the same time, the larger shower will always feel more comfortable so you’ll never feel cramped!

Body Sprays
Body sprays, or body jets, are a series of wall-mounted high-pressure shower heads installed in a shower to provide your body with a therapeutic (and of course cleansing) effect.

These sprays, in addition to providing a luxurious and soothing experience, can provide relief from muscle pain and aches around your body (this is particularly great for back pain!). They also ensure your entire body is covered in hot water, offering a relaxing experience that offers all of the benefits of a bath, but in a shower.

Rain Shower Heads
Rain shower heads add a relaxing bit of zen to your luxury bathroom remodel. These shower heads pour water from above to replicate rainfall, and offer a gentler, more relaxing shower experience.

Generally mounted on the ceiling, rain shower heads can be used to either supplement a set of body sprays or be used all by itself. Most rain shower heads offer different settings to replicate everything from a downpour to a light trickle. While these shower heads are great, watch out for your water consumption when using one in your bathroom. They use a lot of water!

Luxury Bathtubs

Oversized Bathtubs
Oversized tubs create a spa-like atmosphere in your luxury bathroom, and give you a relaxing place to spend your evenings. Best of all? These tubs will be big enough to fit you and your partner so you can spend a relaxing night together unwinding.

When getting this tub for your North Shore bathroom remodel, you have a two options (both of which have smaller options available for just one, too):

  • Garden tub: These generally look like a traditional free-standing soaking tub, albeit larger and often much simpler. They are oval shaped and will allow you and your partner to lay and be fully emerged in water.
  • Japanese soaking tub: This style of tub will be deep enough for you to be submerged completely up to your shoulders, and are designed for you to be sitting upright (and often offer support). They often utilize a seat inside, and have an exterior water faucet to pour water into the tub.

Clawfoot Tubs
What is more relaxing than the thought of a glass of wine, a book, and a bath in a clawfoot tub?

Clawfoot tubs are what most people think of when they think of a freestanding tub. They offer an old-fashioned look and can be found in both traditional porcelain and even cast iron!

Much like oversized tubs, these tubs are big and require a lot of space. They are also often best used as baths only, with showers as an additional unit (unlike the other two, these can be used as showers in a pinch).

A Tub with Spa Jets
While some prefer modern simplicity in their luxury bathroom, others like a more spa-like experience and a tub with massaging jets, also called a jacuzzi. These jets will generally be built into the tub unit along with a faucet to fill the tub. These tubs offer numerous health benefits, particularly for sore and aching muscles.

A Bath-Side TV
What could be better than catching up on your favorite TV show while taking a relaxing bath in your new bathtub?

Adding a wall-mounted television near your bathtub will add a new dynamic to your bathroom. If installed in the right place, it will also work great for the local news as your getting ready in the morning.

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Other Luxury Bathroom Features

Radiant Heat Flooring
Radiant heat flooring is becoming more and more popular in all parts of homes, but particularly in bathrooms. Offering heat from the ground up is an equally efficient and cozy way to heat up your bathroom.

Radiant heat flooring works by installing a radiant heating system under your floor, and works with most flooring styles, including cement, tile, and hardwood. It will even save you money in the long run given its efficiency, as well as increase the air quality of your home.

Best of all? Your feet will never be cold after the shower, leaving you comfortable and cozy whenever you are in the bathroom.

Towel Warmers
Towel warmers are another way to make your bathing and showering more cozy in your home.

By heating your towels, you allow them to dry more quickly, lessening the chance of mildew growing in your bathroom. They come in many shapes and sizes, fitting anywhere from one to multiple towels at once.

They can even act as an additional heating source for your bathroom, Plus, what could be better than a warm towel after your morning shower?

Installing a sauna in your bathroom will take up a lot of space, but will completely transform your luxury bathroom. They’ll also add a bit of Scandinavian flare that will be sure to be the envy of any visitor.

Saunas also have a number of health benefits, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Relaxing your muscles
  • Skin cleansing
  • Purging toxins
  • Fighting off illness

While luxury showers and baths are sure to give your bathroom remodel a splash of daily calming, natural light is a great way to round out the experience.

Natural light not only saves energy, but is great for your health and well-being. It also gives your bathroom a “natural” feel that will enhance the spa experience of your luxury bathroom remodel.

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